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We serve people who choose to help others grow and succeed physically and emotionally. Through their knowledge and training, through blogs, podcasts, paid classes, books, and more, these are people who are change agents with a common purpose; a desire to increase goodness and greater wisdom throughout the world.


Each will have their unique way of assisting others in improving their lives. 

We have two rules

No Woke


We envision ourselves as a leader in creating, distributing, and promoting self-care, and

self-improvement books, articles, classes, and news of the latest mind-brain-body connections, theories, treatments, alternative texts, and developments. 

We promote trained providers in business and healthcare that cross into many different fields of interest, philosophy, psychology, leadership, and spirituality, including those who care for people who have experienced trauma. 

Sand Dunes

Vision & Mission

Save Minds
Save Lives

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Our mission is to act with intention and to have purity of voice and purpose in all we do. Our commitment is to assist, bring forth, and help teach self-care and healing methodologies that enhance one's ability to stop or prevent needless suffering and death from the long-term effects of trauma, chronic disease, cruelty, mind control, addictions, and abuse. One can change their entire life by correctly interpreting their surroundings and then actively choosing how they will act in response. Knowing the power of the mind-brain-body connection is critical in the pursuit of basic self-care.


We have a responsibility to help build a better future for our children and grandchildren.

We can teach them how to give respect and expect respect. We can teach improved communication and negotiation skills to the very young so that they do not become damaged goods. 


Children are having difficulty transversing our world events.  It was discovered recently that there is a 350% reduction in speech development in children due to mandated masks.  There also been reported that up to 52% of children that have had covid vaccinations and boosters are dying at a rate of 52% higher than normal. We must stand up, be strong, determined, and productive in the area of protecting our freedoms and our children.

Questions that are difficult to ask often have answers that are more difficult to hear.

Below are common questions that people ask themselves and others.

We strive to help.

The Key
to Unlocking Disease

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Embrace Change

Constantly Changing.
Some folks find change challenging to master as comfort zones are challenged. Life is disrupted. It feels like hell on earth, to be exact. Try to learn to embrace change as it makes one's life easier when you know how to fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. Life is kind of like a beautiful rose with thorns that sticks you now and again to keep you on alert and focused, like when life smacks you alongside the head with the unimaginable, like the death of a soulmate or disability. Learn to be flexible. Bend like a willow, so you do not break like the big oak in a storm. Life's path is not easy, and it was never meant to be. Through trials and tribulations, we learn our most significant life lessons, thus we become the storm, not the broken tree.
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Are you and your children living a stress-free, comfortable life where you are free to love, dream, succeed, protect yourself, believe in God and Angels, or not believe and speak as you wish?

Back Massage

Self-Care Is Critical

With the world changing so dramatically and so quickly, we all need to understand how our mind, brain, thoughts, and body relate to the beginning of trauma and disease. We must try to preserve our children's and people's dignity, save minds, and save lives. Finding balance and a meaningful purpose helps us stay healthy.

Do you know if your children are tormented and experiencing great mental and even physical pain because of mind control, CRT, and Bullying?
Do your children discuss serious matters with you, or do they silently develop feelings of unworthiness, anguish, insecurity, disgust with themselves because they believe what they hear, feel, and see happening around them. Are your children stoic and not talking about these or other critical topics?

Do your children know that you are concerned for their physical and mental well-being?

The thought gives rise to the importance of the stimuli; the mind's response creates our feelings about that stimulus.  For example, fear, joy, love, peace, envy, anger, sadness, unclean, evil, angelic, or any feelings that may arise.

Natural Beauty

The mind is the protector of the body.  Stimuli are first noted in the mind through the senses.  The mind sees, feels, smells, and hears stimuli then deems those stimuli as dangerous or safe.  The mind then sends that message to the brain.

Decoration accessories

Now the brain needs to process if the mind has made the proper evaluation.  This mind-brain connection is what creates a "thought." The thought then hands us the responsibility of making a choice of how we will react to the original stimuli.  The brain allows us to choose how to act or not act under the given circumstances. 

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How is it some people seem to flow so well without difficulties while others struggle and feel insecure, troubled, depressed, or suicidal?

Think  Feel  Choose

In your best interest, your body's best interest, to carry the burdens of thoughts of guilt and impurity? Is it that you think you are a failure or wrong because of something awful that happened when you were only an innocent child who was dependent on the actions of others? Should you allow yourself to continue to be held hostage by an old inner hurting child? Perhaps it is time to rethink the past long enough to help that child forever heal the scars that currently bind you.


More and more parents are removing their children from public schools, instead choosing homeschooling or a private school where parents' thoughts and wishes remain a priority in a child's education and life.

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Each of us has our own stories and journeys through life.  What has made us distinctly human is our ability to process thought and choice through our senses.  However, many creatures also have several of the same qualities.  Every day new studies and information is gathered and reported.  Much of the latest information stems from studying the universal energy field that interconnects all species. 

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Are you and your children comfortable walking alone, or do you live in constant fear? 

Are you worried about the state of affairs here and the world over?

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Do you have a constant, nagging feeling that something is wrong with you? Do you have trouble sleeping, eating, relaxing?

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Senior Yoga

Are you comfortable in your skin?

Are you okay with how your age looks on you?  

Have you been able to maintain the sexual health you desire?

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Have you been able to talk to your teen lately about private but important issues, like birth control drug or alcohol use?

Do you or your children remain in the shadows, hiding from or avoiding certain aspects of life or death; due to trauma, abuse, incest, Critical Race Theory, loss of a loved one, sense of guilt, hatred, envy, loss of sense of self, chronic illness, and, or disability? Do they or you yearn for something more?

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Do your children, or do you have calm periods followed by terrifying uncontrollable moments?

Autumn Mood

Are your children over-achievers?
Are they trying to do more than is humanly possible?  Who is it they are trying to impress; themselves or someone else?  If so, why so?


Do you check to see if your significant other is faithful and finding out they are not?  Then thinking it must have been your fault?

As a new mom, are you aware that an infant's brain is soaking up every morsel of emotion and stimulus you feed them? Even touch affects a child's sense of belonging and security into adulthood.

Fathers play an immense role in the healthy development of children. They provide role models for both girls and boys alike.  Fathers should never feel less than at any point in family dynamics.  Each person is essential, especially in the early and teen years of childhood development.

Does your child tell you openly about their sexuality, a bully that bothers them each day after school, or the teacher that requires them to urinate in front of them?

Are you or your children under the influence of addiction of any kind? Do you ever feel like the rollercoaster will never end?
Are you living a life in the past when all you heard was negatives about yourself, about life, maybe about money? Let it be known, the childhood scars that bind can be released.

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Senior Yoga

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